Knee Replacement


What is a Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement is a resurfacing procedure of the end of the thigh bone and the top of the shin bone. Metal and plastic components are placed in your knee to replace the damaged cartilage. This is a long-proven procedure to successfully eliminate pain caused by knee arthritis and the deterioration of the cartilage cushion in the knee.


aok-knee1Approximately a month prior to surgery, you will have either a CAT scan or an MRI that will be used to template the fit of your knee replacement

Managing Pain

At the time of surgery, We will use multiple approaches to reduce pain and the need for narcotic pain medication including administering a long-acting local anesthetic, which can last 2-4 days.

The Surgery

aokknee3Your surgery starts with an incision in the middle of the knee extending from the top of your patella to the bump at the bottom of your knee. We then move your patella out of the way to expose your arthritic knee.

After making specific, pre-planned cuts to prepare the bone, we apply bone cement to permanently attach the components to your thigh and shin bones.

A specialized piece of plastic is placed between the metal components to allow your knee to glide easily. After we secure the plastic button to the center of the knee, your knee cap is put back in place and we close up the area.


After surgery, patients average a 1-2 day hospital stay. With 4-6 weeks of physical therapy with one of our on-site therapists, the majority of my patients can resume normal daily activities.

At AOK, our goal is to improve your quality of life with a knee replacement surgery.

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