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Active Recovery & Cryotherapy

Using the tools provided here at Active Recovery and Cryotherapy (ARC), athletes can hit the reset button in just 1 hour.

The ARC is a center designed around the art of recovery for the everyday athlete. We offer cutting edge tools normally offered only to professionals. Our skilled recovery therapists will be your guide in the correct way to recover. We create intervention strategies to decrease pain or mitigate existing pain due to injury.

Now every athlete, professional or amateur, can use these tools to push their boundaries. It’s recovery for athletes, by athletes. Learn about each of our services.

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Three Core Beliefs


Cutting edge recovery products and individualized recovery programs

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Access the state-of-the-art Impact Cryosauna and restore your body to its normal and natural state

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Soft tissue intervention services that will restore your body to its normal biomechanical function and rebuild the body's kinetic function

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