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Postural engineering is Eric Alexander's specific approach to correcting the body and have it perform the way it was designed to. The journey begins with a full biomechanical assessment to identify all the physical and muscular imbalances. An exclusive corrective exercise program is designed and coached, permanently eliminating these imbalances before injury or training plateaus can occur. Depending where a client needs to begin, corrective exercise programs can start with therapeutic body weight movements and diaphragmatic breathing or load bearing exercise to strengthen and develop correct posture and muscular synergy. Every client's final step is to perform full body weight bearing exercise relating to their goals and required daily functions. The athlete's body is now prepared and capable of high-performance exercise coached at the ARC.

The CHEK Practitioner is a unique breed.

Eric Alexander is a certified CHEK Practitioner and Exercise Coach, specializing in postural engineering through exercise and lifestyle education. A CHEK trained professional is an expert at recognizing the source of reoccurring injuries and chronic pain while alleviating the client's frustrations over inadequate performances. This is a whole new scope of exercise training for most clients. A CHEK Practitioner coaches the client how to take care of themselves. This bridges the gap between client and greater recovery. Eric Alexander understands improving health is the most efficient way to heal from physical injury with superior results. These results are obtained because a lot of responsibility is placed on the client to actually do a lot of the work for themselves. CHEK Practitioners are much more of educators than manual therapists.

This is what really attracted Eric Alexander to the CHEK approach. It has the ability to take a lot of the best information out there and put it together in a system any client or athlete can connect with. The results speak for themselves! If the client applies the program in the way it is coached, they will get results like never seen before. The CHEK Institute has created a beautiful training model that really does work. Eric Alexander brings his skills in strength and conditioning and lifestyle coaching to the ARC. He knows when something works and makes the clients feel good - they stick with it. This creates great relief.

Eric Alexander knows a modern lifestyle of sitting at a desk or physically demanding jobs, such as builders and members of the armed forces can play havoc with posture. His CHEK guided approach to postural engineering is the ideal solution for any athlete to improve flexibility, stability, strength, power, and endurance while dramatically reducing their susceptibility to injury.