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State of the art Recovery

Recovery Lounge

ARC is a center designed around the art of recovery for the everyday athlete, offering cutting edge tools normally offered only to professionals as well as access to skilled therapists.

Now every athlete, professional or amateur, can use these tools to push their boundaries.

For years, athletes have been afforded the ability to recover from hard training with the use of high-priced recovery tools. With the creation of our Recovery Lounge, you now have access to the same cutting edge products on the market as elite athletes around the world.

Recovery Tools

Recovery Pump Compression Boots

Vyper Foam Rollers


Compex Elite Muscle Stimulators

Marc Pro Recovery Muscle Stimulators

Free Motion Resistance Cable Column System

Functional Movement Screening

Cold Rollers

Gameready Units

Zero Gravity Recliners

Massage Quality Treatment Tables

6 Lead Stim Unit

Vibe Plate (Yoga Size)

Full Kettlebell Weight Set

Assorted Resistance Bands

Impact Cryo Sauna Access

Ice Packs

Ice Cups

Hydrocullator Hot Packs


Paraffin Wax

Assorted Trigger Point Brand Balls

Grid Foam Rollers

Grey Cook Functional Movement Bands

Grid Foam Rollers

Tiger Tail Massage Stick

Stretch Bands

Stationary Bikes Treadmill

Total Gym Jump Trainer

Precor Lumbar Stretch Machine

Stability Balls

Slant board

Airex Stability/Balance Pad

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