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Sports Medicine


AOK Urgent OrthoCare

Acute musculoskeletal injuries that need to be seen:

  • Limited or no range of motion
  • Inability to walk
  • Hearing or feeling a “pop” and major swelling in a joint
  • Obvious deformity
  • Possible concussion

AOK Urgent OrthoCare is a walk-in service provided by AOKC specialist for the Urgent care of recreational, school, professional sports, including orthopedic injuries from Auto accidents and workers comp. We are capable of handling all accidents and injuries, which include urgent orthopedic care and sports related injuries. Common conditions treated in our walk-in clinic include falls, broken bones and lacerations. For More Information on Auto Accidents and workers comp click here

Sports Medicine

Our Athletes Have Access To:

  • AOKC Sports Medicine Specialists
  • Monday follow-up appointment after an Injury Clinic visit or same day in-office appointment throughout the week
  • Our Platinum Patient Program where our athletic trainers consult with the athlete’s doctor directly regarding plan of care and then follows-up with the parent, coach, and school athletic trainer as needed

Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center prides itself on providing optimum patient care through working with all ages of active individuals. Our Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center’s Sports Medicine doctors are some of the most highly respected for their diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic injuries. Our physicians also serve as the team physicians several Houston area schools. Our outreach team specializes in communicating with coaches, athletic trainers, nurses and physicians. We are available to help expedite scheduling and keep you informed of the prognosis. Please feel free to contact us any time.

Our board certified/fellowship trained orthopedic physicians have treated and helped professional, collegiate, recreational, and competitive athletes return to preinjury status. Our athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians will provide care throughout the injury process from injury prevention education, acute injury care, follow up treatment, and cutting-edge post-surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation.

Our Athletic Trainers

  • Licensed by the state of Texas, often hold national certification, and have expertise working with young athletes.
  • Will design a program to meet the unique needs of active people or school. Use clear, understandable language when educating about injuries, and various related health issues
  • Work to protect the best interest of the patients they serve. Our athletic training outreach coordinator acts as a liaison between the doctor and coaches, parents or administrators to relay the athletes diagnosis, injury status and release to play after the athlete is seen in our clinic.
  • They evaluate and care for injuries on site, provide information about at-home care, refer athletes and parents for additional care and follow up to ensure athletes are recovering well and can safely return to activity.

Platinum Patient Program

Any athletes that visit our clinic have automatic access to our Platinum Patient Program where athletes are treated from start to finish. After signing a HIPAA waiver, our Sports Medicine physicians and athletic trainers can communicate directly with the school athletic trainers, coaches, nurses, and/or parents for immediate follow-up. This program is modeled from collegiate athletic training practices which allows communication with the appropriate school staff to keep the athlete involved in participation when possible and return them to sport as quickly as possible.

Our athletic trainers consult with the doctor directly regarding plan of care and then follow up with the parent, coach, and school athletic trainer as needed. This process ensures timely follow-up care and coordination so that the athlete is under the care of the appropriate specialist, and at the right time in the healing process.

  • Athlete specific program designed to enhance the quality of care provided  by our athletic trainers and AOK Medical Center staff
  • Same Day/Next Day appointments for Urgent Orthocare
  • On-site medical care for home games, practices events and competition
  • On-site, sport-specific, educational lectures and programming provided to student athletes, parents, coaches, pertinent school officials, and the community
  • Annual sports physical exams: Low cost and provided onsite or we will schedule a day to come to your school.
  • ImPact baseline testing: We have Impact trained athletic trainers and physicians on staff to take care of pre-concussion and post concussion assessments.
  • Same-day/next day appointments and service will be available day, evenings, and weekends (when available) to all Platinum Patients.

The Platinum Patient Program also allows for immediate follow up information on injury diagnosis and participation status provided to:

  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • School athletic trainers
  • Return to play protocols
  • Board Certified staff
  • ImPact Trained Athletic Trainers
  • Sports medicine concussion specialists
  • Sports-related concussion management

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