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The primary purpose of A.O.R.F. is to treat high school athletes who are headed to college on scholarship of financial assistance based on their athletic performance. The foundation also serves others in need who, without A.O.R.F.’s services, would not be able to return to their pre-injury life.

A.O.R.F. sees all of its patients through to full recovery, and donations are accepted to aid patients through each phase of recovery, from emergency room or operating room expenses to costs of physical therapy and follow up visits. Thanks to the pro bono expertise of the doctors and staff at Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center, Houston Surgery Center, and AOK Urgent OrthoCare, and generous contributions from community members, A.O.R.F. is able to provide all other services such as diagnostics, clinical office visits, orthopedic braces and equipment, and rehabilitation at no or low cost to the patient.;