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Broken Bones & Sprains – Symptoms & First Aid

Broken Bones & Sprains

Broken bones are also referred to as fractured bones. If a person has been involved in some kind of accident and heard a snapping sound, and then cannot move the body part or has limited mobility and is experiencing a lot of pain, a bone may have been broken. When the bone is sticking out through the skin, it is called an open break. X-rays may need to be performed in order to diagnose a break in a bone. A broken bone in the arm or leg may need to be reset and put in a cast in order to help it heal. In severe or complicated cases, surgery may be required.

A sprain involves the ligaments that bind bones together. When a ligament has been ripped or torn, a sprain has occurred. Common symptoms of a sprain include bruising, swelling and pain. An Ultrasound or MRI may be necessary to diagnose a sprain. Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to alleviate the pain. Rest, ice, elevation and possibly physical therapy may be recommended in order to restore mobility and strength.

First Aid Treatment for Broken Bones, Fractures & Sprains

In order to diagnose broken bones or sprains and recommend the treatment that will facilitate the healing process, our physicians conduct a thorough physical examination. Visit our website or Call (713) 984-1400 or Schedule an appointment here:  Book an appointment to get the most out of our urgent care services.