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Lacerations – Simple And Complex

Wounds on the skin that are torn, typically in an irregular shape, are referred to as Lacerations. There are different levels of severity of these wounds classified as “simple or complex”. The key differences between the two levels include size, length and depth of the wound, amount of cleaning & sterilization required and risk of infection.

Symptoms of simple wounds include minimal bleeding and pain.

Symptoms of complex wounds may include exposed bones or tendons and excessive bleeding. These wounds are prone to contamination from bacteria, dirt and debris on the skin or on the object that caused the wound. It is important to evaluate the condition of the wound daily for signs of infection such as pus, red streaks on the skin, excessive pain or fever. They can become very dangerous if left without proper wound care.

Treatment may include applying pressure to stop the bleeding, cleaning the area and medication to numb the area. Some wounds may require adhesive tapes or tissue glues to close them and deeper wounds may require stitches.

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