Facet Joint Disease

Facet Joint Disease

The areas of cartilage found between each vertebrae of the spine are called facet joints. This cartilage may deteriorate as a natural part of the aging process, and arthritis may occur. The deterioration of this cartilage is called facet joint disease. Common symptoms include pain in the back, stiffness and inflammation. This disease can occur on any area of the spine, but pain in the lumbar spine region is most common. When the joint structures degenerate and place pressure on the nerves, the patient will experience pain. Pain may range from mild to severe.

Treatment for facet joint disease is similar to treatment used in other spinal conditions. Anti-inflammatory medications and/or pain relievers may be prescribed. The physicians at AOK Spine and Pain will determine the best treatment plan for your condition to bring you pain relief and have you living a normal, active lifestyle again.

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