Lumbar Spine Disorders

Lumbar Spine

The lower portion of the back is called the lumbar spine region. Some lumbar spine disorders include lumbar compression fracture, lumbar degenerative disc disease, lumbar spondylolysis, and lumbar stenosis. Pain in the lumbar spine region may generate from bones, joints, discs,muscles and nerves. Pain may radiate to the lower limbs. Common causes of disorders to this region range from mild ruptures of the soft tissues due to back muscle strain or ligament strain to injury or trauma or some neurologic and muscular diseases to degenerative changes which progress with age.

Diagnosing disorders of the lumbar spine begins with a thorough history and physical exam. It is important to differentiate lower back pain related to lumbar spine disorders from lower back pain related to strains. The physicians at AOK Spine and Pain will determine the cause of your lower back pain and will recommend the best treatment for your condition.

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