Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis

A painful degenerative condition of the spine known as spinal stenosis affects the nerves and spinal cord. In this condition, the vertebrae and cartilage of the spine narrow in on the spinal canal ultimately compressing the spinal cord and the nerves branching out from it. It is often caused by aging. It may also be caused by a defect in bone formation or genetic inheritance of a narrow spinal canal. Symptoms include numbness or tingling sensations. A patient will commonly experience severe pain while walking which diminishes when they sit down. When this condition occurs in the cervical spine region or thoracic spine region, it may cause severe pain in the arms as well as the legs. Symptoms may not be persistent; coming and going, lasting for indefinite periods of time.

Treatment of spinal stenosis is similar to treatment used in other spinal conditions. Anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections and/or pain relievers may be prescribed. If the patient is experiencing trouble walking, physical therapy may be in order. The physicians and physical therapists at AOK Spine and Pain will determine the best treatment plan for your condition.

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