Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication management is the monitoring of the medications that a patient takes in order to confirm that the medications are being taken correctly and in accordance with their medication regimen. It also helps the medical staff ensure that the patient does not accidentally combine dangerous drugs together, as well as watching for other complications to the medications. This is very important for patients who must take a large number of different medications which address multiple conditions and chronic illnesses. The practice of taking many medications is called poly-pharmacy and is most common among older adults, who are more likely to need medications to treat chronic illnesses.

Medication management includes a number of aspects that are focused on ensuring the proper usage of the various medications. The patient must be able to keep track of all of their medications. As this can be a daunting task for most people, part of effective medication management includes printed lists describing the various medications, how to use them, and how much to take. This information is generally made available to the patient to assist them in keeping track of their medications. Monitoring the administration of medication is also a key factor, as medications must usually be taken at set intervals and in specific doses. Taking them at the wrong times or missing doses can cause complications, so mediation management may include everything from using reminder devices to filling pill cases and ensuring that the lids are marked with the correct time and dosage.

Our medical staff at AOK Spine and Pain is trained and experienced in medication management. We will help you organize and keep track of your medications so you can rest assured that you are taking them properly.

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