Neurolytic Blocks


Neurolytic Blocks

Neurolytic blocks are a pain management method in the form of anesthesia. Neurolytic blocks consist of a neurodestructive agent, such as alcohol or phenol, is injected near or at a nerve to provide long lasting pain relief after previous diagnostic blocks have offered effective temporary pain relief. Damaging the nerves reduces or eliminates pain by damaging the nerve’s ability to send pain signals. These blocks are only used as a last result for pain relief as they do permanent damage; however, in cases where everything else has been tried and failed, this is an often used alternative to allow patients to live a life without pain. It is considered to be a permanent solution, but sometimes the pain returns as the nerves heal. In this case the block is performed again. Our doctors at AOK Spine and Pain are knowledgeable in many types of pain relieving procedures so they can help their patients live pain free. They are experienced in diagnosing a situation and advising a patient when a procedure like this is a wise option.


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