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I love how AOKC is a solution-oriented rather than a treatment-oriented practice.

- Bill B.

I am beyond impressed with ARC (Active Recovery & Cryotherapy) and their staff. Dr. Geyer and A.J., Thank you for giving me my life back! For several years, I have hopped from one physician and physical therapist to the next without any relief from pain. Dr. Geyer took the time to explain the exact reason I was having pain and referred me to A.J. A.J. was my last shot. I was seriously considering giving up my passion for horses and resigning myself to a sedentary lifestyle.

Within my first session with A.J., I had hope and relief from some of my pain. A month later, with consistent treatments, I am walking around pain free, enjoying an active life and have plans to ride my horses again this month! This is not your typical physical therapy or rehab facility. The expertise that the staff brings exceeds expectations. This is the type of treatment that professional athletes experience.

The treatment is state of the art. The entire center is dedicated to finding the right strategies to help you to feel better and mitigate pain, whether you are looking to “get back in the game” or in my case “saddle” or have been suffering a long time in pain this is the place in Houston to be. In addition, to incredible sports therapy services, I love the recovery lounge and cryo sauna. A.J. you are a miracle worker! I cannot thank you enough!

- Michelle G.

Dr. Jensen was very patient and informative. AOKC provided good information that assisted me in the decision I needed to make.

- Clarice

The PT staff were fantastic! The training sessions really helped me efficiently and effectively recover from my surgery.

- Michael

Kindness and Expertise! Two surgeries in less than 6 weeks and everyone has been so wonderful. Dr. Geyer is the best!

- Bonnie C.

In and out of the office in 30 minutes. Having seen many doctors in my years, none are as efficient as AOKC.

- Michael M.

Physical Therapy was stellar. Justin and AJ were fantastic. Both spent so much time and effort to help me. Always professional, respectful and did everything possible to help me.

- Linda B.

The doctors are treating my son’s fractured wrist. They are incredibly nice!

- Renee H.

Caring, attentive and very personable.

- Judy S.

Expert care provided by professionals concerned about my condition. Effective physical therapy which relieved my back pain.

- Thomas R.

Just for the record, I love your [PT] team. You are so excellent to work with even when patients are emotional or distressed about their personal condition. I have told Dr Jensen this many times. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Thought I would share what I was doing shortly before knee surgery #2. My knees have accumulated many miles over a few decades, however, I understand there are many other aging athletes that continue to be active well into their seventies.

Click here to read about Diamond Travis’ induction to the Indiana Athletics Hall of Fame

- Adriane Diamond Travis

Fabulous experience. Excellent doctors, surgery center, physical therapy and staff!

- Suzy F.

No words to really describe but OUTSTANDING.

- Veronica J

Dr. Jack Jensen was very informative about my status and what my options are for me to get better. I’m very thankful. All staff was very friendly and helpful.

- Jorge H.

You are all awesome! So helpful. So caring. Worked with my insurance company very well.

- Diane M.

Dr. Jensen was very nice and very professional about the procedure that I was going to have. Paula was also knowledgeable about everything.

- Jorge A.

Dr. Jensen was really nice. I loved everything.

- Reggie H.

Beyond excellent

- G.X Domino

I love the convenience of having X-Rays, the doctor visit and PT all in one building.

- Rose Mary H.

His explanation of my condition, the surgery procedure and pros/cons were great.

- Rob Davidson

Perfect! Expert repair. My follow up with Kate in physical therapy was challenging yet got me back to full mobility. Expert care and guidance.

- J. Suminski

These people saved my knee and my lifestyle in general! I was anxious about surgery, but it was 100% worth it!

- J.P.

Oh my goodness this place is excellent! If you ever need to see an orthopedic concerning your knee, shoulder, hip, back, elbow , fingers and the list go on and on. I had the most wonderful experience at Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center. For real from beginning to end everyone was caring and considerate. Dr. Jensen really knows his stuff and took the time to explain why I was experiencing the problems I was having with my shoulder. I 100% recommend them to all needing orthopedic care.

- Jan T. (provided by Citysearch)

Every doctor in this practice and the entire staff have been nothing but helpful and attentive each time myself or a member of my family has been there to visit. They take great care to make sure their patients completely understand their conditions and are very involved in each step of the treatment plan they create specifically for you. They all know how to make an inconvenient situation bearable in an absolutely seamless manor. I will continue recommending them to family and friends for many years to come!

- Sandra L. (provided by Citysearch)

I am a runner. I had a growth on the pad of my foot that prevented me from running. I went to a foot doctor who told me I had to have surgery. I did not want to spend months in recovery not being able to run so I saw Dr. Jensen for a second opinion. He is a runner too so I felt I could trust him completely. His diagnosis was plantar wart and he removed it right then and there. No surgery, no recovery time. I put on my shoes and left without the problem.

- Tyler R.

I can’t say enough about Dr Jensen’s skills as a sports medicine doctor. I had chronic pain in my knee for several years. I assumed it was arthritis; a function of getting older so I ignored it. The pain got worse and finally my mobility was affected. I went to see Jensen assuming I would have to have surgery. Instead he gave me a prescription for physical therapy and a list of things not to do for 3 months. I was compliant with the therapy and home exercises and within 6 weeks the condition improved dramatically.

- M.K.

Thank You. The physicians and staff at Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center are excellent. They were very attentive and helpful during my visit at their office. I felt like they greatly cared about my individual needs. I would recommend them to anyone needing orthopedic medical care.

- Paul B. (provided by Citysearch)

I took my 13 year old son to see Dr. Jensen in 1990 for knee pain related to a car accident. I have been recommending Dr Jensen to family and friends for 23 years since then. Some have come from Colorado, California and even Hawaii for knee and shoulder issues. Everyone who has seen him has thanked me because of the great results.

- Rebecca S.

Enjoying my favorite pastimes, golf and fishing, became too painful.

I lost too much range of movement in my right shoulder to swing a golf club or cast a line for redfish in the bay. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jensen who came highly recommended through a family member. I had a previous injury to the shoulder and over the years scarring and arthritis had set in. I had ignored the problem for so long it worsened to the point of not being able to raise my right arm much above my waist. Dr Jensen told me there was a lot of damage but he would be able to get most of the range of motion back. He was more than right. I had 100% range of motion after the surgery. Within two weeks of the surgery I was playing golf again. I have continued as an active golf and fishing enthusiast for many years since with no further problems from the shoulder.

- George K

Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center helped me get back on my feet again, my knee feels great and i am ready to get “back in the game”.

- Michael N.
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