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    I woke up on Friday with my eye all red and bloodshot. I did not think anything of it because I slept on it funny. Come Saturday morning my eye had worsen and was now in pain. It was clear that it needed attention.

    Google suggested this place as it was close to where I live. Needless to say this place gave my eye the attention my eye needed.

    The doctor and nurses were prompt and ensured I was comfortable while they ran test and asked questions to determine what was wrong with my eye. These test may seem excessive but i think they have me the piece of mind that I would receive the right treatment. The doctor concluded that I had an eye infection.

    I was given a prescription for antibiotics and something for the pain. As I write this my eye already has improved not more than 10 hours after the visit.

    I do note that some of the reviews at the time of this posting comment on price and procedures. Although I have not revived a bill yet beyond my er copay I can conclude that you pay for what you get. Good service cost money. Good medicine requires test. I would much weather do test and pay for them and get the right treatment than loose my eye because assumptions about my condition were made to save a few dollars.

    Should also remind people this is a ER visit. Not a urgent care center.

    Thanks again ER247plus for taking a bad day and making it a good one by giving me the piece of mind and proper treatment.

    ~ Michael Brumlow ~

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