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Using the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques, the orthopedic surgeons at AOKC can successfully treat your hand, wrist, or arm injury. Whether you have suffered a fracture or trauma to the area, or are experiencing arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, poor circulation, or general hand pain, we will quickly get you back to work or play! Contact AOKC to schedule an appointment with your Houston hand doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My doctor has diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What does this mean?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), is a common and troublesome condition that interferes with any use of the affected hand(s). It is caused when excessive pressure is put on a nerve that runs through the wrist. Once symptoms of pain appear, the condition frequently worsens and permanent damage could potentially occur. However, CTS is highly treatable if diagnosed early.

What causes the increased pressure?

There are typically three causes of CTS:

  1. Wear and tear. The lining around the tendons in your wrist may become thick and sticky due to the normal wear and tear of the aging process and/or repetitive hand movements thus pressuring the nerve.
  2. Bone dislocation or fracture. Previous dislocation or fracture of any of the bones of the wrist may cause bony prominences to protrude. (Arthritis is also potentially hastened by this condition). Consequently, pressure is put on the nerve because of the decreased joint space.
  3. Fluid retention or edema. Edema causes swelling of tissue in the carpal tunnel including, perhaps, the nerve itself. This will obviously cause the symptoms related to CTS.

How is CTS diagnosed?

A diagnosis of CTS in made based upon medical history and physical exam. The diagnosis can be confirmed and measured by a test called an EMG.

How is CTS treated?

CTS can be treated in several ways. The least intrusive method is medication and possibly the combined use of night splints. In advanced cases, surgery may be the only option. If symptoms do appear, please consult your orthopedic physician.

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