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  • AOK ER truly provided me with the absolute best care when I needed it most. The facility is beautiful, the staff friendly and the process was easy. My total visit time was just over an hour and I had face to face contact with an actual doctor within the first 10 minutes of my arrival.

    ~ Jillian Elizondo ~

  • At first I didn't want to have to go to the ER for my ankle but I could not walk on it and it was swelling badly. My girlfriend finally convinced me I needed to seek help and AOK Emergency Room was near my home. I was greeted with a wheel chair to be escorted into the waiting room. I was only in the...

    ~ Orbit (Orbit's Galaxy) ~

  • I waited over 3 hours on the hospital and googled an ER from my phone. It sent me to AOK ER. Here I was taken right back to my patient room and seen immediately. It was not a PA but a doctor – which I was worried about. I was suffering from stomach pains and they had be diagnosed and fixed in ...

    ~ Meredith Clark ~

  • My husband had been complaining of lower pack pain and numbness in his legs for sometime. As an educator and coach, the pain would worsen when he was standing for long periods of time. On a Friday game night, he found himself in excruciating pain. A co-worker urged him to see AOK 24 hour ER, he went...

    ~ Lindley Amarantos ~

  • I haven't been to the ER for at least twenty years, but had to make three trips in the last year... once for an allergic reaction to an insect bite, once for a horrible stomach flu, and once for a possibly broken foot on the weekend. Each time, I went to AOK ER, even though there are other ERs sligh...

    ~ Kristin Kaminsky ~

  • Fast and friendly!

    I woke up on Friday with my eye all red and bloodshot. I did not think anything of it because I slept on it funny. Come Saturday morning my eye had worsen and was now in pain. It was clear that it needed attention.

    Google suggested this place as it w...

    ~ Michael Brumlow ~

  • Highly recommended. I scheduled appointments via ZocDoc for 3 separate issues: knee pain, mid-back pain, and lower back pain. They got me in to see the PA immediately. They took my insurance. On one occasion the PA escalated me to Dr Jensen directly. They were not eager to over-prescribe meds, over-...

    ~ Philip Bryant ~

  • Super nice & professional. No wait and excellent work.

    ~ Kent Satterwhite ~

  • I went to this ER on a sunday afternoon and I needed to have stitches in my finger. They were stitching me within the first 20 mins I was there. I didnt even wait 5 mins to be put into a room. They were so nice and made me feel very comfortable. I will def be coming back here in the event of an emer...

    ~ Julie Pedrotti ~

  • West Houston Lacrosse is extremely grateful for the equipment and support that has been provided by AOK. Through their generosity we will be able to field a full middle school girls’ team with no cost to the players, allowing any student that wants to play the sport of lacrosse the ability to do s...

    ~ West Houston Lacrosse ~

  • I really appreciate the doctors at AOK and everything they have done for me. Without their care, I wouldn’t be able to walk normally. My mom says the Athletic and Orthopedic Research Foundation is a huge blessing. She is self-employed and as a single mother didn’t know how she was going to get m...

    ~ Reshard Nelson Houston Christian High School ~

  • Thanks to the Athletic and Orthopedic Research Foundation, playing football again is now a possibility. I see sports in my future and plan to attend Texas Christian University and major in Kinesiology. If I can’t play football, I want to be an Athletic Trainer.

    ~ Phillip Haynes Houston Christian High School ~

  • Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center helped me get back on my feet again, my knee feels great and i am ready to get “back in the game”.

    ~ Michael N ~

  • Enjoying my favorite pastimes, golf and fishing, became too painful.

    I lost too much range of movement in my right shoulder to swing a golf club or cast a line for redfish in the bay. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jensen who came highly recommended through a family member. I had a p...

    ~ George K ~

  • I took my 13 year old son to see Dr. Jensen in 1990 for knee pain related to a car accident. I have been recommending Dr Jensen to family and friends for 23 years since then. Some have come from Colorado, California and even Hawaii for knee and shoulder issues. Everyone who has seen him has thanked ...

    ~ Rebecca S ~

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