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Sports Medicine at its finest! As an internationally recognized integrated health care plaza specializing in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of all orthopedic injuries, the Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center is committed to providing individuals of all ages and physical capabilities with access to superior medical care formerly reserved for elite athletes. Whether you are an Olympic or professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply desire freedom of movement without pain, our distinguished doctors proudly offer you the very latest and most effective treatment options for sports injuries and orthopedic disorders. We strive to accommodate you – same day appointments are available!

As a leader in Corporate Medical Service, AOKC will assist your business in developing a comprehensive healthcare plan that is customized to the unique needs of your workforce. From coaching safety managers and conducting injury prevention seminars to treating and rehabilitating injured employees, AOKC will get your employees back to work safely and quickly! It is our success in providing the most advanced level of comprehensive orthopedic service that continually leads to documented optimal outcomes and the highest levels of patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of orthopedic care and personal attention to each and every patient.

AOKC is Houston’s oldest and most prestigious sports medicine facility, specializing in knee injuries (including Cruciate Ligament injuries – ACL, MCL, PCL – Meniscal and Articular Cartilage and Patellofemoral joint,) as well as shoulder injuries (including Rotator Cuff Ruptures, Acromiocavicular (A/C) joint dislocations, Recurrent Dislocation and Subluxation, and Bursitis) foot and ankle injuries, hip injuries, elbow, hand, and wrist injuries, as well as muscular problems (including strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel) and all forms of arthritis.

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