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Are Your Bad Habits Hurting Your Knees?

Your everyday life most likely includes bad habits that hurt your knees which could lead to chronic pain or disability. The knee joint is one of the hardest working joints in your body. It is made to support your weight and give you mobility.

Like the rest of your body, too much stress can add unnecessary pressure which leads to damage. This type of damage is not easily repaired and can lead to surgery and lasting discomfort.

Most knee pain will develop when the cartilage at the center of the joint is damaged. The cartilage is what keeps the leg bones from grinding together when the joint is used.

Bad Habits that Hurt Your Knees

You may not know that you have developed bad habits that are causing damage to your knees. Damage that in the future might need surgery to correct. Below is a list of habits you need to start changing today to keep your knees strong and healthy.

Too Much Weight

How much extra weight are you putting on your knees? The more weight your knee joints have to carry the more you are at risk for developing osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis develops as the cartilage begins to wear away. Being overweight will also lead to continual joint pain.

Lack of Exercise

Not exercising will weaken the muscles around your knees that support the joint. Not exercising also leads to weight gain. Start off with low impact exercises like yoga, cycling, swimming or rowing. Vary your movements by doing a combination of exercises so as not to overuse the muscles.

Ditch the High Heels

Shoes that unevenly distribute your weight or misalign the body will add stress to your knees. Limit your time in high heels to lessen your chances of developing osteoarthritis.

Bad Posture

Slouching or slumping misaligns your body and put extra strain on your knee joints. Sit and stand straight with your ab muscles engaged to help support your body. When standing straight keep your knees soft and not locked.

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