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Back Injuries

For many people that suffer from back pain they′ve thrown in the towel and determined it′s something they′re just going to have to live with. Not so fast ladies and gentlemen, you may have more control over your discomfort than you think.

Your back can be injured a multitude of ways; not stretching, being careless about the way you move or just years of plain ol′ wear and tear. Check out these common ways people injure themselves and some simple ways you can help prevent it.

Weekend activities- most people spend their weekends hanging out with family and friends and catching up on things around the house that get neglected during the work week; pick- up basketball games at the school, throwing the football in the back yard, cleaning out the gutters…you get the idea. All of these activities seem harmless but if you don′t stretch properly or pay attention to the way you move you could seriously injure yourself. If you can help it, keep your spine as straight as possible at all times and spend that extra five minutes stretching and warming up your muscles. You′ll thank yourself later.

Improper lifting- if you do now or have ever earned your living by performing manual labor we can almost guarantee that you′ve been trained on how to properly lift. The same concepts you use at work should also carry over into your personal life. Whether you′re lifting a 12 pound baby or a 50 pound box remember to bend at the knees, keep you back straight and engage your abdominal muscles.

Excessive sitting- most people with office jobs don′t get to spend much time away from their desk during working hours and sitting for that long can take a major toll on your back. Get up and move around at least once every 20 minutes or so. Go get some water or take a phone call standing up. A comfortable chair is also very important. If your employer allows you purchase a large exercise ball and use that in lieu of a chair. The pressure it takes off of your back is unbelievable.

Moral of the story? A little extra effort can really go a long way.

Back Injuries

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