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Benefits of a Back Brace

If you have chronic back pain, it might be beneficial to you to wear a back brace. Orthopedic doctors usually prescribe the use of a back brace to immobilize the spine, protect the spine from injury, pain management or to encourage correct postural support.

Immobilizing the Spine

Limiting the movement of the spine is crucial if you have suffered a fractured spine or had certain spinal surgery. Allowing only a small range of motion is important so the spine can heal properly. It also protects you from injuring your back so you can get well and get back to your everyday routine.

Injury Protection

Wearing a back brace when doing lots of heavy lifting can prevent you from hurting your back. The brace will help to keep your spine in alignment as you bend, twist and lift.

It is fairly common practice now for employers to provide lumbar support braces for their employees that are required to lift heavy boxes day in and day out.

Pain Management

Your doctor will also ask you to wear a back brace to help alleviate any pain or discomfort you might be feeling. When one part of your back is injured, small movements you do daily can exacerbate the pain and cause the injury to heal at a slower rate. Using a brace can limit the mobility or flexibility of the spine, taking pressure off the injured area and allowing you to heal properly.

Postural Support

A back brace might be necessary to promote proper spine alignment. If you suffer from bad posture, a brace helps to keep the spine from deforming and causing pain later on in life.

Types of Back Braces

There are two common forms of back braces that patients are asked to wear – soft lumbar corset or a rigid lumbar brace.

The soft lumbar corset is often used for muscular support. This type of support can relieve pain felt by patients that have arthritis. It is meant to give the back muscles a little extra support.

A rigid lumbar brace is often used after surgery on the spine or back area. The intent of this back brace is to completely immobilize the back. This allows the back to heal properly without further.



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