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Cold Weather Back Pain

Cold Weather Back Pain

With fall, and the cooler weather that accompanies it, in full swing many people are experiencing a few more aches and pains than usual. For years and years those who experience arthritis and joint pain claim they can predict a cold front on the horizon long before the local weather man catches wind of it. Pun intended! Ever wonder why that may be? Us, too. The proper term for this "condition" is called cold allodynia and it′s had researchers stumped for years as to what actually causes it. Some believe it′s caused by pressure on joints while others think it is caused by trapped nerves or tense muscles around nerves. I mean lets face it, who doesn′t contract their muscles when it′s freezing out?! It′s human nature. Because there is no known definitive cause there is no known cure, for lack of a better word, so follow these tips to help remain as ache-free as possible during these cooler months.

– STRETCH. Seriously, it′s that easy. When you wake up in the morning spend 5-10 minutes properly stretching your muscles and warming up your body for the day. Over time this will increase flexibility and help aid with joint or muscle pain.

– Wear appropriate clothing. Even if you are a naturally hot natured person wear the proper attire for the season. It doesn′t take much extra effort to throw on a long sleeve shirt instead of short sleeve, a light jacket and a hat to cover your head and ears. We′re in Texas not Alaska so it′s not like you have to spend an hour layering on everything in your closet or anything. Keep those muscles warm!

– Take over the counter pain relievers on an as-need basis. If your pain is more chronic consult your physician for other medication options if necessary.

Stay warm and happy fall/winter, folks!


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