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Common Pain Conditions | Arthritis

Common Pain Conditions | Arthritis

Contrary to what many people believe AOK Spine and Pain does not exclusively treat back pain conditions. Arthritis, the primary cause of disability for people over the age of fifty-five, is a condition we see patients for daily. Literally translated from the Greek words arthron and itis its meaning is "joint inflammation." This is a condition that affects the musculoskeletal system specifically causing……you guessed it, inflammation of the joints. While there is not one cause in particular arthritis can result from illness or disease, accident or injury or years of physical activity. Most cases require physician care but check out these tips below to help better manage you discomfort and pain between visits.

  • Educate yourself- learn all that you can about your specific form of arthritis to help better manage your symptoms.
  • Remain active- physical activity and weight management are key when it comes to overcoming pain and stiffness associated with many forms of arthritis.
  • Guard you joints- from your nightly jog to cleaning your house it′s important to show your hard-working joints some TLC. Do whatever you can to help minimize the trauma they experience.
  • Get involved- become an advocate of your condition. This is a great way to meet others who understand the struggles you face daily and hey, they might even have some tips for you that they use to make their lives easier.

Arthritis can be very painful and debilitating but there are methods available to provide a better quality of life and here at AOK Spine and Pain our mission is to provide you with the quality of life you so deserve. Make an appointment today and let us begin working on a treatment plan for you.

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