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Dancing Is Excellent Exercise For People Who Suffer With Osteoarthritis


Dancing is fun, flexible, and the perfect workout in disguise for people suffering with osteoarthritis. It is a full-body workout that will help you lose excess weight, improve muscle tone and joint mobility, increase endurance, and strengthen bones.

If you′re worried that all the twisting and turning will aggravate your joints, you should pace yourself and be mindful of proper techniques. If you want to work out with a dance video at home, consult with a physical therapist first who can show you how to adapt the moves. If you prefer to take a class, tell the instructor ahead of time about your osteoarthritis and ask what adjustments you can make to avoid joint pain.

Some suggestions to avoid knee pain while dancing: you can march in place or tap forward, alternating between your left and right foot instead of doing high-impact jumping moves. To avoid lower back pain: you should focus on your abs. Contract your stomach muscles to make controlled movements that protect your back. Strong abs will lower your chances of injury while dancing. Pilates is an excellent way of building muscle strength and improving your posture which takes stress off your spine. To avoid hip pain: you can grab a chair and do a seated cha-cha or some disco arm moves instead of standing for long periods of time. And if your feet start failing you while you are dancing, just put your hands together, and clap to the beat.

Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any exercise routine. Let the doctor know what your goal is, whether it′s line dancing, taking a Zumba class, or mastering a dance video.

A few simple adjustments will help you sidestep osteoarthritis pain and merengue to your heart′s content! Just be sure to check with your healthcare provider before you hit the dance floor!


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