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Dealing with Fear of Surgery

There are many reasons behind surgery anxiety. Fear is usually the common reason mentioned by patients. There is fear of the unknown, death, being under anesthesia and experiencing complications.

A patient might also have had a bad experience with a previous surgery and therefore are understandably apprehensive of the impending surgery. Others are anxious about what they will look like after the surgery, how they will feel afterwards or if the scar will be too noticeable.

Whatever the reason, surgery anxiety is real and it is something a patient will need to work through.

Tips to Dealing with Surgery Anxiety

The best thing a patient can do before surgery is lower their stress and anxiety levels. It is not an easy thing to do and there is no one trick to solve the dilemma.

Below are some tips that an individual can try to help relieve surgery anxiety.

  • Information – The patient should get as informed as they can about the procedure and the possible outcomes. The more they know, the less they will fear the unknown.
  • Meditation – It is almost certain that a patient′s mind is racing a million miles an hour playing out different scenarios and what ifs. Mediation can help them calm and still their mind, even if it only lasts five minutes.
  • Laugh – The saying goes – laughter is the best medicine. A patient should watch a movie or just spend time with friends and family that will make them laugh. Having a good time can help with relaxation.
  • Massage – A patient should get some tension worked out of their muscles and body with a great one hour massage. Stress causes pain and a massage can help move that stress right out.

Counseling – If the anxiety is severe, the patient might want to seek out a counselor to talk to. Talking it out and having someone really listen might be all they need. They can also tailor a plan specifically to help the patient′s needs.

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