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Different Stretches to Keep You Healthy

Different Stretches to Keep You Healthy

Different Stretches to Keep You Healthy

There are two types of stretches: static and dynamic. Static stretching is for general flexibility but never before a workout or sports. Dynamic stretching is done prior to an activity where you move the muscle in and out of a stretched position at a comfortable pace.

These types of stretches can include:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Arm circles
  • Trunk rotations etc

Static stretching is good for activities of daily life and dynamic stretching can be sport or activity specific. Some of the muscles that need to be targeted either through dynamic or static stretching are your upper traps, pecs, quads, hamstrings, ITB, calves, and hip flexors.

Flexibility does not guarantee that you will not have injuries, but there will be a lesser chance to develop chronic conditions due to muscular tightness or severe strains during workouts. It will also provide you with a good balance between opposing muscle groups.

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