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Different Types of Knee Surgeries

When medication and therapy ceases to stop knee pain, it may be time for a doctor to intervene surgically. There are seven common knee procedures that have helped repair different types of injuries and deterioration of cartilage and tissue in patients.

ACL Reconstructive Surgery

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the major ligaments in the knee that provides stability. When the ACL is torn, the common complaint from patients is that they feel their knee buckles or gives out on them. This injury is very common among athletes.

Full or Partial Knee Replacement

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body that also has the job of supporting the entire weight of the body. When arthritis severely damages this joint, a full or partial knee replacement is necessary. The materials used in this surgery are metal and plastic.

Lateral Release

When the kneecap is pulled to the side or out of its groove, it will cause a patient pain and discomfort. This arthroscopic procedure will realign the kneecap by loosening the ligament that is pulling on the kneecap.


This surgery is performed when part of the cartilage or meniscus in the knee is torn, causing pain, swelling and mobility issues. A meniscectomy is the removal of the cartilage that was torn.

Meniscus Repair

When the cartilage or meniscus is torn on the outer edges, then a meniscus repair surgery is beneficial. It is always better for the patient to not have all of the cartilage removed from the knee area.

Meniscus Transplant

A meniscus transplant is when a donor cartilage is implanted into the patient′s knee. This type of surgery is better for a patient than complete removal of the meniscus.

Microfracture Surgery

Microfracture surgery involves making small holes in the bones in the knee. This allows cells to be released to promote better blood supply to generate the growth of more cartilage. This is a popular procedure with professional athletes and it is also a way to hopefully avoid a partial or full knee replacement.

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