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Hard Breathing Is More Likely to Cause Exercise-Induced Asthma


Runners inhale large volumes of unfiltered, dry air. A It has been suggested that a runner is more likely to have allergies than a non-runner because runners inhale more allergens. A It has also been suggested that runners are more likely to experience exercise-induced asthma especially if they exercise in cold, dry air. A When breathing through your mouth, cold air will hit your lungs. A A sudden change in air temperature may cause bronchial tubes to spasm.

Whether it is the weather or allergies to blame, the following tips may help you prevent an attack and catch your breath:

Consult an allergist: A If you experience seasonal allergies, an allergist may help you control allergens that ignite an attack.

Warm up: A On cold days, stay inside and use the treadmill or exercise in the gym. A If you must be outdoors, breathe through your nose. A Wearing a face mask will also help because it will warm the cold air before it enters your lungs.

Keep it short: A Exercise-induced asthma attacks commonly occur approximately six minutes into a vigorous workout. A When doing interval workouts, try keeping reps under six minutes.

AProtect against pollen: A If you experience seasonal allergies, avoid running during peak pollen months. A If you must run outdoors during peak pollen months, it would be smart to run in the early morning hours when pollen counts are usually at their lowest. A You should shower as soon as you can in order to remove the pollen from your skin and hair.

Be smart: A If you experience exercise-induced asthma and have been prescribed a rescue inhaler, you should always carry it with you. A You should also have a game plan in the event of an attack that both you and your doctor are comfortable with.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to hit the road running and still be able to breathe deeply without experiencing an attack.


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