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How To Strengthen Your Back With An Exercise Ball

An injury to your lower back will often restrict your movements and cause the muscles of your lower back to weaken. An excellent option for an easy core-strengthening plan is the use of an exercise ball which stabilizes the muscles surrounding your spine and can help prevent injuries.

Simply sitting on the ball is an excellent way to begin incorporating it into your exercise routine. This will activate your core muscles which are needed for you to maintain balance. If you find it difficult to balance, you can deflate the ball slightly which will increase stability. Once you can balance well, you can try sitting on an exercise ball instead of your office chair or sitting on one while watching TV. In addition to strengthening your core muscles, it will also reduce stress on your spine.

After you become comfortable using the exercise ball, you can introduce advanced exercises to your routine such as squats. Doing squats while using the ball for support will train your back to keep proper posture and will stop your knees from extending over your toes. This can be done by placing the ball against a wall behind your lower back.

The muscle action needed to keep you upright on the ball will also help you improve posture, find neutral spine positioning, increase lower back mobility, and develop strength and control of both your abdominal and back core muscles.

As always, before beginning any exercise routine, it is important for you to consult your doctor or physical therapist. Exercise balls usually come with suggestions for exercises. However, you may experience an injury if you attempt a move that is too advanced for you. A trained physical therapist can demonstrate how to use the ball properly and can list exercises for you that can be customized for your needs.

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