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Importance of Physical Therapy
Importance of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Overview

Physical therapy is the use of exercise and stretching to improve the health and life of a patient. The therapy is tailored to the specific needs of each person. The movements of the therapy are also designed to prevent further injury in the near and distant future.

The ultimate goal of the therapy is to give the patient the best quality of life possible. It is also used to alleviate any pain the patient has experience because of the injury or disease.

Physical therapy helps patients achieve mobility, range of motion in their joints, balance and stability. For instance, there are times when certain muscles will be too damaged to fully recover so therapy can help improve surrounding muscles. This can relieve pain and give a patient the chance to live a normal life.

Who Needs Physical Therapy

There are a number of different reasons why a patient would need to go through a physical therapy regimen:

  • Permanent disabilities – Patients that have a permanent disability will need to do physical therapy to keep their muscles from atrophying and joints lubricated and in good shape.
  • Injuries – Patients that have had an accident will need therapy to help heal and regain range of motion. In some cases, physical therapy can help get a patient feeling better than had they not done any kind of therapy.
  • Diseases – Those suffering with diseases like arthritis or back pain need therapy to fully recover or to learn to live with their limitations.
  • Developmental delays in children – Treatment can assist children achieve muscle strength so they can learn to move, balance and be stable.

If you have been in an accident or have a disease that is limiting your mobility and giving you pain, see your doctor. They might just recommend a physical therapist to help you heal effectively to get you back to your life

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