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Managing Chronic Back Pain

An especially difficult condition that many people deal with is chronic back pain.  Pain is generally characterized as chronic if it is not relieved within three months.  Patients experiencing this condition beyond a three-month timeframe will begin to understand that the issue is not healing on its own, and it may be time to find a way to manage their pain.  They will need to figure out what should be done in order to allow the spine and surrounding tissue time to heal.  

Two basic tips for managing this condition are:

Staying active:  Our bodies are made to move and keep us in motion.  You should decide which form of exercise is best for you – one you really enjoy and will continue to do as a part of your daily routine.  For exercise to be beneficial to your recovery, it is important to participate in one that you will keep up with.  Certain people prefer working out on a treadmill or elliptical machine, others prefer swimming, and some prefer daily walks.  

Do not ignore your pain:  A “no pain, no gain” theory doesn’t mean you should overly push yourself when exercising.  When you are trying to rehabilitate yourself from chronic back pain, you shouldn’t push your muscles or any structural component to exhaustion.  Exercises usually begin without pain, and many people believe it is okay or normal to develop pain during exercising.  It’s true that for muscle-building exercises, the muscles need to be stressed, then broken down, and then rebuilt in order for the end result to be stronger muscles.  However, when dealing with spinal issues, you must be very careful that you not push your anatomic components too far and risk any further damage to your injured area.  

The purpose of pain management is to relieve severe pain in order to enable you to continue with rehabilitation.  While rehabilitation is often slow, a consistent routine and basic precautions will promote the best recovery for chronic back pain.


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