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Playing Soccer Following Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which enables surgeons to evaluate and treat damage of the interior of a joint with the use of an arthroscope which is a type of endoscope.

Knee arthroscopy is typically performed for the treatment of a meniscus injury, ACL reconstruction, torn cartilage, and ligament tears. The procedure is performed by making two small incisions – one is for the arthroscope and one is for surgical instruments. Surgeons are able to view the joint area on a video monitor. It reduces recovery time as opposed to traditional open surgery and increases surgical success because there is less trauma to the connective tissue. This procedure is commonly performed following a soccer injury to the knee.

Following knee arthroscopy

Use crutches during the first seven days. Follow all instructions given to you by the surgeon regarding placing weight on the leg. Rest, elevate the leg, and use ice packs.

Your doctor may suggest physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that surround the knee and to improve range of motion.

Allow approximately three weeks to resume routine activities. It may take several weeks to resume playing soccer for a torn meniscus and up to a year for a surgically replaced ACL. Do not resume playing soccer until your doctor grants permission.

Once you have been granted permission to resume playing soccer, jog and stretch hamstrings, quads, and calves to warm up before practice.

Avoid abrupt changes of direction while in an upright position. Instead change direction from a crouched position with a bended knee.

Wear appropriate footwear – short cleats for regular grass, long cleats for muddy fields.

You should not resume playing soccer after knee arthroscopy if you continue to experience knee pain and if you have not obtained strength, stability, and normal range of motion.


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