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Reasons for Your Back Pain

Back pain can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of health, age or ethnicity. Spinal pain is a medical condition that can come on suddenly or develop over time. Below are a few of the reasons for why an individual may experience back problems.

Infections and Tumors

Spinal infections and tumors are rare but they do cause significant spinal pain. Osteomyelitis, a serious infection in the spine, normally targets the vertebrae. It can also affect the discs in the spine.

Tumors usually do not begin in the spine. When tumors are found in the spine, it is a sign that cancer from another part of the body has spread to the back area.

Mechanical Disorders

As the body ages, it is natural for parts of the spine to deteriorate or degenerate. The spinal structure and the intricate parts, such as ligaments and muscles, become less flexible and more prone to injury. It is not uncommon for a back injury to occur doing simple everyday tasks as a person gets older.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Having a spinal cord injury usually means that the spinal cord becomes severed during an accident. To date, doctors do not have a procedure to reverse the effects of this injury. The patient will be permanently paralyzed below where the spinal cord was severed and also experience back pain.


Stress can take a significant toll on the body. It can cause the muscles in the back to become tense, stiff and painful. Depression and insomnia can also lead to an individual experiencing physical pain in the spine area.


Accidents or injuries can lead the spine to be dislocated or a disc to become herniated or bulged. Common injuries from trauma are whiplash, torn ligaments and bruised muscles. These can cause a patient to experience spinal pain.

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