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Relative Humidity and Your Health

Did you know that relative humidity has a major impact on you and your families health? Hundreds of studies link humidity to arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid), asthma, migraines, and multiple other ailments. It is also known to increase body aches, though people with asthma and COPD seem to be affected by the changes in humidity most. It is said that relative humidity (RH) should be within certain limits for control of the health aspect.

  • Bacteria, 20-70% RH
  • Viruses, 40-80% RH
  • Fungi, 0-70% RH
  • Mites, 0-60% RH
  • Respiratory infections, 40-50% RH
  • Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma, 40-60% RH
  • Chemical interactions, 0-40% RH
  • Ozone production, 75-100% RH
  • Combined Health Conditions, 40-60% RH

Ever wondered why on hot, humid days you feel fatigued? Normally, your body perspires to cool you down when temperatures are high, but if the humidity is also high you′re trapped in a moist environment where your sweat can′t evaporate and escape from your skin. This causes you to extend extra energy, which can leave you feeling sluggish or fatigued. Living in Houston where hot temperatures and high humidity are inevitable and cause greater risk for heat stress and respiratory problems we have to remember to stay cool, rested and hydrated! Lucky for us things are finally starting to cool down around here.

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