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Seven Tips to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Spine Health Overview

Having a healthy spine is important for your overall health. Read below for some tips for a healthy spine. You will be less likely to experience back pain which can sometimes hinder your mobility and quality of life.

Many Americans spend money each year to treat recurring back issues. No only is the pain taxing on your body, it can be financially draining. It can be expensive to see a chiropractor and physical therapist.

Your spine is made up of ligaments, muscles, nerves and discs. All of which can be injured during sporting activities, accidents and even daily activities. Following the seven tips laid out below, can help you stay healthy in the long run.

Keeping Your Spine Healthy

Modifying your lifestyle in small ways will give you the chance to keep your spine happy and healthy.

1. Moving and Grooving

Getting exercise on a regular basis helps to strengthen muscles in your body to properly support your spine. The most important muscles to work out are your back and ab muscles to keep unnecessary pressure of the spine.

2. Straighten Up

Having good posture is another way to be good to your spine. Walking tall and sitting straight allows your body to be in proper alignment. This is especially important if you have a career where you sit for long periods of time. Slouching for eight hours a day will only cause you unwanted back pain.

3. Lighten Up

Being overweight adds stress to the spine. The more your spine has to support the greater the chances for injury.

4. Eating Healthy

A proper diet will help you maintain an optimal body weight. It will also give you all the nutrients and energy you need to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily life.

5. Bending and Lifting Properly

It is important to bend and lift heavy objects in a proper fashion. Always engage your core muscles to help support the spine. Also, lift with your knees and not your back.

6. Get Some Rest

When you sleep, it gives your body time to recharge and rejuvenate. Using the proper supportive pillow and correct mattress will allow your muscles and ligaments that surround your spine to not be stressed.

7. Relax

Getting a massage at least once a month is a great treat for your spine and the supporting muscles. It is also a great way to treat yourself for doing all you can to have a healthy spine.

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