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The Best Offense Is A Good Defense When It Comes To Preventing Athlete’s Foot

When your feet sweat as a side effect of participating in sports and exercise, it is not the ideal situation for preventing the foot fungus known as athlete′s foot. The fungus is easily spread and extremely annoying. Treating it defensively is your best course of action. A fungal infection is easily contracted around locker rooms, pools, public showers, and possibly the shower in your home.

Foot fungus will thrive in a warm, moist environment. Your shoes provide the perfect environment especially if you are continually active and sweat. Enclosed footwear also does not provide for good circulation. This is not only true for sneakers. It is also true for work boots and any tight shoes. Any pair of shoes that cramp your toes together and cause dampness to develop provides the perfect environment for foot fungus to flourish.

Athlete’s foot symptoms include:

– Itching
– Burning
– Stinging
– Rash
– Redness
– Peeling or Cracking Skin

It commonly affects the bottom, inside area of your foot and also the base of your toes or between your toes. Rarely, it may affect the top of your toes. It is important to treat foot fungus quickly to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body.

You may become susceptible to contracting this condition when:

– Walking barefoot through public areas
– Wearing tight fitting shoes and damp socks
– Sharing towels, bath mats, or bed linens with an infected person
– Having an immune system which is compromised

Mild cases often respond well to over the counter medications. If no improvement is noticeable after a few days, you may require a doctor visit. You may require prescription strength ointments or prescription strength oral medications in order to clear up the infection.

Tips for preventing athlete′s foot in the first place are:

– Keep your feet dry and clean, particularly between your toes.
– Wear dry, clean socks and change them often.
– Alternate pairs of shoes allowing them time to completely dry.
– Use antifungal sprays to treat footwear.
– Use foot protection when walking in public areas.
– Never use or borrow another person′s shoes.

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