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Three Simple Exercises for a Pinched Nerve in the Back

A pinched nerve, as you can imagine, is uncomfortable, painful and can even be disruptive to your daily routine.

A pinched nerve in the back develops when too much direct pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues such as bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons.

Pain from a pinched nerve in the back area of the body can be felt at the direct site, buttocks or even down the legs.


There are certain exercises that you can do when you have a pinched nerve to alleviate the pain. You can also do the same exercises on a regular basis to keep your back healthy and strong.


Twisting or wringing your back from one side to another will help stretch and strengthen your back. Sit in a chair using good posture by sitting up straight. Position your legs so they are shoulder width apart. To being stretching to the right side, place your left hand on your right knee and twist to the right. Hold the stretch for a count of three and repeat four to fives times on each side.

Hamstring Stretch

Begin this exercise by getting into a seated position. Engage your ab muscles and gently lean forward trying to touch your toes. If you cannot reach your toes, try and reach as far down your leg as you can. Hold the position for a count of 10. Repeat about four to five times. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Side Bends

This particular exercise will help strengthen your lower back. Begin in a standing position using good posture and engaging your abdominal muscles. Place your hands on your hips. Begin by leaning gently to the right side and holding the stretch for a count of three. Repeat five times on each side.

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