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Tips to Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Do you know what is causing your chronic back pain? You may not realize it but some of the things you do on a daily basis might be causing you unnecessary back pain. Read the tips below to help you keep your back healthy and pain free.

  • Medications – Over the counter anti-inflammatory medications are a good way to reduce swelling or inflammation in the area. This can also help relieve some of the pain you are experiencing.
  • Ice and Hot Therapy – Putting ice on the area that is painful will help to reduce the swelling and pain. Placing something hot on the area will relax the muscles and increase blood flow.
  • Keep Moving – Although it is important to rest, it is also important to try and move around a bit. You can try light exercise like yoga, walking and swimming for a few minutes a day.
  • Straighten Up – If you sit for extended periods of time, make sure you are using good posture. Sit up straight, do not hunch over, use lumbar support if needed and relax your shoulders.
  • Proper Sleep – Make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of sleep you need. This means lying on a bed that fully supports you. Also, sleep in a position where your spine is in a neutral position. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow in between your legs.
  • Massage – Treat yourself to a good massage at least once a month. A good massage therapist will help you relax and work out any painful stress knots you might have.

As with any injury or pain, it is best to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. A doctor can also give you a therapy plan that will be suited for your particular kind of pain or injury.

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