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A corn is a circular area of thickened skin. Corns develop because of continuous friction or pressure in the area. They usually develop on the soles of feet, or on the top or sides of toes. Corns appear as yellowish dead tissue surrounding an area of tenderness. Pain and discomfort may be present with walking and can get more painful without treatment.

Ill-fitting shoes are the main reason for corns. Tight shoes apply pressure on the foot, High heeled or pointed toed shoes can squeeze and localize pressure on one part of the foot. Corns may also develop over bone deformities where the joints are abnormally bent-- such as hammer toe and claw toe.

The doctor will help identify the cause of your corns and suggest an appropriate treatment. Eliminating the cause is necessary to prevent corns from recurring. Certain footwear may be recommended to reduce friction and pressure. Certain soaks and pads may be suggested to soften corns and relieve pressure. The doctor may also trim the corn with a scalpel, removing thickened dead tissue

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