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Ultrasound guided injection is a minimally invasive procedure used for treating various musculoskeletal painful conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis, and neuritis or to perform cyst aspiration.

It is also used for guiding the placement of needles for both diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes. Injection of a pain medication in combination with a local anesthetic directly to the site of injury helps to relieve pain. The advanced imaging of ultrasound proVides high resolution images that enable the physician to precisely locate the injections deep into the target tissue without harming surrounding tissues. It also allows accurate placement of the needle in the injured area.

The procedure is used for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes. Anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids and hyaluronans are the most used medications to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling or to stimulate synovial fluid production to improve lubrication. Also the physician may order Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to facilitate faster healing and Regenerative Cell Therapy/ Orthobiologics injections to regenerate cartilage.

The indications for diagnostic ultrasound imaging technique include the following:

  • Diagnose conditions such as tendon/ligament tears, inflamed bursa, joint fluid and cysts.
  • Assess painful pops and snaps that occur during movement.
  • Deliver diagnostic injections to specific targets including joints and tendon sheaths or bursa.
  • Aspiration of a ganglion cyst.
  • Guide needles in percutaneous therapy for the treatment of tendonitis.


The administration of the shoulder injection to the shoulder joint depends upon the condition to be treated. Shoulder joint injections are commonly used for osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, or tendonitis. The patient lies on a table and a clear water based conducting gel is applied over the skin to assist with transmission of the sound waves. A hand-held probe, called a transducer, is moved over the targeted area by the doctor. Images are created from these sound waves and can be viewed on a screen attached to the scanner. These waves provide a clear view of the targeted area so that the doctor can locate the injection site. Ultrasound provides a clear view of the organs, tendons, muscles or joints and any associated disorders.

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