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  • Arthritis 101: What You Should Know

    As the leading cause of disability in America, arthritis does not discriminate, as some form of it affects people of all ages, gender and race. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis is more common in women than men and in those who are overweight.

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  • ’Tis the season to be safe while decking the halls this holiday

    With the excitement of the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays often comes an increased probability of various injuries. Approximately 250 people a day are hurt by decorating accidents between Nov. 1 and the end of December every year. Nearly a third of these injuries are the result of falling off a ladder, while another large percentage are typically neck or back related injuries.

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  • Why Balance Your Throwing Muscles?

    Baseball is a great game, but do baseball players really want to know how the shoulder muscles work during the overhead throwing motion? I think they might.

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  • Overview of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

    Method of promoting or hastening the response of one neuromuscular mechanism, through stimulation of various neurological pathways. This is done by placing specific demands on the patient’s nervous system to assure a desired response which is/are related to normal response of the neuromuscular mechanism. Based on the assumption that each patient has potential.

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  • Back to School Backpack Safety

    With school in full swing, homework, projects and other assignments are ramped up for kids of all ages. This means that your child’s backpack is probably packed at the max capacity on most, if not all, days. It’s important for parents and children to be aware of the potential dangers that heavy backpacks can pose to their health.

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  • What Parents Should Know About Youth Sports

    Nearly 40 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports in the United States each year. And even more participate in informal recreational activities. Although sports participation provides numerous physical and social benefits, it also poses a large risk of sports-related injuries. According to SafeKids, in 2013, there were 1.3 million kids (19 years and younger) seen in emergency departments for injuries related to sports. Additionally, 62 percent of injuries occur during practice rather than in official games.

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  • Phillip Haynes – Houston Christian High School

    Philip has been playing sports since he was five years old. When he injured his knee during a football scrimmage, AORF was there to help him rehabilitate with physical therapy. Then, while running track he partially re-tore his meniscus and needed surgery. Since the surgery, he has been strengthening and conditioning his knee and this year, his senior year, his goal is to play a full season of football without injuries.

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  • Sports Safety – Concussions

    A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by a direct blow to the head, neck or face or if you hit your head during a fall. Concussions are a common type of sports injury. Symptoms of a concussion may not start right away; they may start days or weeks after the injury.

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  • AOK Sports Medicine Spotlight

    Brooke Wiebe is a certified and licensed athletic trainer here at AOK Medical Center and is very knowledgeable in sports related injuries, specifically cheerleading. Woodlands Elite Cheer Company was her home from 2001 through her high school graduation in 2007.

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  • 2015 AORF Golf Event Recap - July 18th 2015

    A great day to golf! The 2015 AORF Golf Event was a great success. Thanks to our incredible sponsors and participants, we were able to donate 100% of the proceeds towards valuable Community and Patient Initiatives made possible by AORF.

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