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  • How to Choose a Sports Medicine Doctor

    When dealing with an orthopedic injury, there are many factors people experience when choosing their doctor. Many people will go on the recommendation of friends or co-workers, perhaps the doctor is a family friend, the primary care physician might refer to a specific doctor, and one might even search the web

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  • Determining if an Injury is Emergent or Non-Emergent

    For the non-medically trained individual, assessing an orthopedic injury can be very stressful. There are some very simple steps anyone can use to determine if an injury in emergent or non-emergent. One acronym to use is CSM. This is a helpful way to remember what to check. Circulation: Check the circulation of the injured limb below the injury by feeling for a pulse or checking skin color.

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  • Common Injuries of Youth Basketball

    Now that football season is over, many athletes, parents, and healthcare professionals alike are taking a big sigh of relief. Not so fast folks, basketball season is here and in full swing! While the risk of injury is much lower in basketball than football, there are still a significant amount of injuries that occur. Some minor, others much more severe… Remember Kevin Ware??

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  • What is a Fellowship Trained Physician?

    Often times people wonder what makes one physician more credible than another. Besides the obvious answers of where they attended medical school and their bedside manor lies one, very important factor; continuing education.

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  • Evolution of the Knee- By Dr. Jack Jensen

    Three hundred twenty million years ago there lived Eryops, an amphibian with a long mouse-like nose, a short bulky body, and a thick but tapering lizard-like tail, which is thought to be the common ancestor of not only today’s reptiles but also modern birds and mammals. Eryops had knees whose basic characteristics can be found in those knobby protrusions you find in between your thighbones and your shins.

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  • The Miracle Knee- By Dr. Jack Jensen

    One young Olympic gymnast I treated sustained a stress fracture a few weeks before the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. When I explained the bone-stimulating treatment that had been chosen, I told her she had an important role to play during the recovery. I described the time she was to undergo therapy every day as a quiet time, a time to visualize the healing.

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  • The Importance of Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy: the science of blending physiology with exercises and applying these principles to the body when an injury is sustained. Physical therapy for back and neck conditions focuses on the structures that support the spine and its joints including muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

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  • Playing Soccer Following Knee Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which enables surgeons to evaluate and treat damage of the interior of a joint with the use of an arthroscope which is a type of endoscope.

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  • Relative Humidity and Your Health

    Did you know that relative humidity has a major impact on you and your families health? Hundreds of studies link humidity to arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid), asthma, migraines, and multiple other ailments. It is also known to increase body aches, though people with asthma and COPD seem to be affected by the changes in humidity most.

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  • Proud Houston Christian Golf Tournament Supporters

    Proud Houston Christian Golf Tournament Supporters

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