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  • Local Arthritis

    Local arthritis is a condition that is very rapid in onset. Physicians give it a long name–localized spontaneous osteonecrosis–and like any arthritis of the joint, the condition is characterized by inflammation (osteo means "bone" and necrosis means "dying").

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  • Synovial Tissue Overgrowth and Irritation

    Almost everyone has synovial folds, or plicae, in their knees. The most common location is along the inner knee. Occasionally, a fold may be present above the kneecap. Ordinarily, the synovium lines the joint cavities of the knee, but sometimes an overgrowth of normal tissue occurs.

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  • Loose Bone or Cartilage within the Knee

    Loose pieces of bone or cartilage, called "joint mice" or "loose bodies," may float suspended in the knee′s synovial fluid without causing discomfort until they grow larger.

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  • Shingles – Treatments for Adults

    Shingles can affect one in five adults who had the chickenpox when they were children. There is no known cure for shingles. There are, however, treatments available to shorten the duration of the illness and make the symptoms bearable.

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  • Meniscus Tear

    The menisci, crescent-shaped fibrous cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone, are the shock absorbers of the knee. There are two in each knee, riding along each side of the knee like shock absorbers on a car. Like ligaments, they can be injured with severe twisting or jarring, weight-bearing movement.

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  • Causes and Treatment for Tendonitis in the Wrist

    Tendonitis of the wrist affects millions of Americans everyday. This condition is more prevalent now as more and more people lead lives behind the screen of a computer or smartphone. This type of lifestyle leads to your wrist having to do repetitive motions throughout the day.

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  • Back Pain

    According to the National Institute of Health (2013), Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain, the most common cause of job-related disability and is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States after headaches.

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  • Ligament Injury

    The four main ligaments of the knee are the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and the medial and lateral collateral ligaments. The anterior cruciate (cruciate means “cross”) is the front cross ligament of the knee. It prevents the tibia, or lower leg bone, from coming forward. Injury to this ligament is so common that Sports Illustrated once devoted an entire article to this ligament.

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  • What is a Fellowship Trained Physician

    Often times people wonder what makes one physician more credible than another. Besides the obvious answers of where they attended medical school and their bedside manor lies one, very important factor; continuing education.

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  • Back Pain – When to Seek Medical Attention

    More often than not the back pain that you experience can be treated at home. A good example is when you wake up with a kink in your back. You normally attribute the pain to having slept wrong.

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