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  • The Role of Diet in Health

    The best advice about making the most out of food is to forget fads. There is no magic diet that will transform an average person or even an above average person into a star. Diets don′t create strong, agile bodies; strength and agility come only through training. But diet gives the body the raw material it needs to construct the body that is desired. So diet must be complete.

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  • Hand Injury – Signs of Broken or Fractured Bones

    Do you know what to do in the event that you break or fracture a bone in your hand? Your hands are very important to your everyday life, so acting quickly when an injury occurs is vital.

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  • Fueling Your Body’s Performance

    A forty-five year-old professional came to me with complaints of knee pain. He had a meniscus tear that required arthroscopic surgery. The only barrier to performing the repair was the fifty extra pounds he was carrying that was likely to cause arthritis in the injured knee.

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  • Beating the Weekend Warrior Syndrome

    When you undertake a conditioning program for greater flexibility, strength, and range of motion, you will discover yourself having a better mental outlook, improved endurance, and fewer injuries, especially those brought on by overuse or imbalanced muscle groups.

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  • The Benefits Cross Training

    Cross training is imperative for good knee health. Cross training is athletic conditioning or drillsemploying different activities, mixing, for example, a central activity with one that rests, orunloads, the body from stresses of the main activity.

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  • Physical Therapy for the Elbow

    If you are experiencing elbow pain either from an accident, post surgery or repetitive motion, a physical therapist may have the solution for your pain. They will personalize a rehabilitation program that includes therapies and exercises to relieve your elbow pain.

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  • Common Dance Injuries

    The dance profession, which covers everything from tap to ballet, has common injuries that dancers will experience in their career. The injuries can be as mild as a sprain to a career ending injury.

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  • Common Football Injuries

    Whether you are a professional or amateur football player, this sport has common injuries that range from mild to severe. The injuries that occur can affect every inch of the body from head to toe.

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  • Common Sports Injuries

    Common sports injuries can happen to anyone, whether you are a professional athlete, weekend sports player or just like to get regular exercise. Learn which injuries are the most common and what you can do to get on the road to recovery.

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  • What is Foraminal Stenosis?

    Foraminal stenosis occurs when the the foramen in the spine narrows. The foramen is the hole located on either side of the spinal column through which the spinal nerves pass. As the foramen gets smaller, it pinches the nerves which can cause the patient a great deal of pain.

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