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  • Getting the Most Out of Your Walk

    Some people use hand-held weights called Heavy Hands and/or ankle weights to walk. Research shows that squeezing the weights in your hands increases your workout and thereby your heart rate. Nonetheless, I have reservations about both.

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  • Choosing an Athletic Shoe

    Running ShoesUnderstanding the parts of an athletic shoe can help you choose the right shoe and prevent problems you may have experienced with other shoes. The aim is not to recommend a specific shoe manufacturer but to help you be a knowledgeable consumer.

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  • Foods for a Healthy Back

    Did you know that eating certain foods can help you keep your back healthy and pain free? Proper nutrition can keep muscles in the back healthy and inflammation from occurring.

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  • Walking

    Walking is a great exercise for your knees. Walking is a total body exercise because you use your arms, back, and legs. Therefore, you need to get in shape to start a walking program, and the best way to do it is to stretch and start walking!

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  • Importance of Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is the use of exercise and stretching to improve the health and life of a patient. The therapy is tailored to the specific needs of each person. The movements of the therapy are also designed to prevent further injury in the near and distant future.

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  • Running to REDUCE Knee Injury

    What about running and your knees–is it bad? An offshoot study of the famous Harvard Paffenberger study of cardiac disease and lifestyle was a study on knees. This study showed that running did not necessarily cause knee problems unless you already had a problem.

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  • Knee Pain: The Ugly Side of Stadium Runs

    Running the stadium steps has been a standard for some school athletes for conditioning, and some coaches prescribe it as a disciplinary penalty. We now know this is punishing to your knees and specifically your kneecaps if not to your spirit. The problems it causes are threefold.

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  • When to See a Doctor About Back Pain

    Not all back pain is the same.There are certain symptoms that will tell you when you need to seek medical attention and when you can get better using an at home treatment.

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  • Preventing Knee Injuries by Improving Agility

    Agility drills are another way to prevent knee injuries. Not only do they strengthen the muscle fibers to fire more quickly, they also hone the proprioceptive sense. An easy drill is to start a slow jog and then progress to a faster pace.

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  • Prevention

    Conditioning and prevention are teammates. As conditioning goes up, often times the risk of injury goes down. Having a heightened sense of your body′s relative position and improving your ability to move with agility will help prevent injuries.

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