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  • Protect Yourself From Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is a serious condition in which the bones become weak and can break more easily. It leads to approximately two million fractures yearly. The complications from these fractures kill as many women as breast cancer. Follow these tips to help prevent this condition:

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  • Bulging Disc – Symptoms and Treatments

    A bulging disc usually affects the lower back, otherwise known as the lumbar area. It can also affect the upper back area. A bulging disc occurs when part of the disc slips out of place from the vertebrae.

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  • What can Cause Upper Back Pain?

    Upper back pain can come on suddenly or progressively develop over a period of time. Pain in this region of the back is also associated with neck and shoulder pain. It is not as common as lower back pain, but it is becoming more prevalent as society leads a more sedentary lifestyle.

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  • Five Knee Replacement Alternatives

    If you experience knee pain which is caused by arthritis, knee replacement surgery will usually be the last resort. There are knee replacement alternatives available including arthroscopy, UniSpacer, braces, injections, and medications.

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  • Flying Through Airport Security With Orthopedic Implants

    Over the past decade, it has become increasingly annoying, stressful, and humiliating for most of us to pass through airport security. Passengers with orthopedic implants can expect airline travel to be even more of a pain since they are likely to trigger the metal detector.

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  • How Do Knee Braces Work?

    Devices which fasten to and provide support for knees are known as knee braces. They support the ligaments of the knee by controlling movements. They also provide protection against excessive or abnormal movement of knees that have sustained an injury or which suffer from chronic problems. These braces can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and serve several different functions. They can be found in sporting goods and/or health supply stores. Higher-end braces can be custom made to better fit your knee. There are three categories: functional, prophylactic, and rehabilitative.

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  • When Is Knock Knee Surgery Recommended?

    Genu valgum or knock knees is a condition which causes the knees to angle inward and touch each other when straightening the legs. This condition may lead to cosmetic deformity, premature knee arthritis, and pain in the knee, hip and ankle. It is common in children and usually corrects itself over time. Only extremely rare cases require knock knee surgery.

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  • Physical Therapy Exercises For Spinal Stenosis

    Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal which puts pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerves. This condition may be caused by osteoarthritis, aging, and/or injury. It may result in extreme pain in the upper or lower body. Symptoms may include weakness ...

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  • When Is It Time For Joint Replacement?

    Even though your doctor may recommend that you could benefit from joint replacement surgery, it is always an elective procedure. It is important for you to weigh the risks and benefits in order to reach your own decision about whether or not to have this major surgery.

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  • Participating In Fall Sports May Lead To Hand Injuries

    During the fall sporting season, doctors commonly see an increase in athletes obtaining sports-related injuries. Football and volleyball are two popular fall sports which commonly cause damage to the hands, fingers, and wrist area. In most sports, the hand is commonly in front of an athlete and incurs the most contact which causes hand injuries to happen.

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