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  • Preparing For Knee Replacement Surgery

    In order to make a significant difference in your long-term health following knee replacement surgery, it is important to properly prepare ahead of time. The following suggestions will help ensure a faster, safer recovery:

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  • Hard Breathing Is More Likely to Cause Exercise-Induced Asthma

    Runners inhale large volumes of unfiltered, dry air. A It has been suggested that a runner is more likely to have allergies than a non-runner because runners inhale more allergens. A It has also been suggested that runners are more likely to experience exercise-induced asthma especially if they exercise in cold, dry air. A When breathing through your mouth, cold air will hit your lungs. A A sudden change in air temperature may cause bronchial tubes to spasm.

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  • The Best Offense Is A Good Defense When It Comes To Preventing Athlete’s Foot

    When your feet sweat as a side effect of participating in sports and exercise, it is not the ideal situation for preventing the foot fungus known as athlete′s foot. The fungus is easily spread and extremely annoying. Treating it defensively is your best course of action.

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  • Runner’s Trots – How To Soothe The Beast Within

    Runner’s diarrhea is also known as runner’s trots. It is a condition that often affects distance runners and is characterized by loose bowel movements during or directly following a run. The bloating, cramping, and diarrhea associated with this condition affects more than 30 percent of distance runners.

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  • Don’t Skip The Sports Physical

    Also known as a pre-participation physical exam or PPE, a sports physical is a vital part of an athlete′s regimen. A preseason physical exam is required by most high schools. Competitive club sports, however, generally do not require a PPE. Strong advice is given to athletes participating in club sports to have a physical exam.

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  • Complications After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    Total knee replacement surgery is also known as total knee arthroplasty. This surgery is generally highly successful offering excellent long-term results. Past studies have determined that approximately 97% of patients remain revision free after ten years. Nevertheless, patients sometimes experience complications after surgery.

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  • How To Strengthen Your Back With An Exercise Ball

    An injury to your lower back will often restrict your movements and cause the muscles of your lower back to weaken. An excellent option for an easy core-strengthening plan is the use of an exercise ball which stabilizes the muscles surrounding your spine and can help prevent injuries.

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  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting – Back Pain

    Approximately half of the pregnant women in the world should expect to experience some kind of back pain during pregnancy which usually develops for one of two reasons. The first reason is merely the additional weight gain caused by being pregnant. The other reason is that the additional weight is being carried in the front which shifts their center of gravity forward and puts further strain on the back.

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  • Smoking Associated With Low Back Pain?

    Certain lifestyle issues like smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise prevent many patients from finding satisfactory pain relief over a long period of time. Research has actually shown that smoking causes back pain. Quitting smoking is always recommended for any patient rehabilitating from back pain.

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  • Factors that Affect a Whiplash Injury

    First, what is whiplash injury? It is an injury to your neck typically occurring as a result of a car accident. The greatest risk of experiencing this injury is when your car is hit from behind – a rear impact. Rarely, it could happen from being roughly shaken or as the result of a sports injury or a fall.

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