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  • The Importance of Foot Care for Diabetics

    If have been diagnosed with having diabetes, then it is important for you to establish a daily foot care routine for diabetics. Diabetes puts you at a higher risk of nerve damage which can reduce blood flow to your feet.

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  • Lack of Sleep Can Aggravate Back Pain

    Not getting a good night’s rest can really aggravate your chronic back pain. It is frustrating to try to go to sleep with back pain only to have a restless night and wake up in even more pain.

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  • Flexibility and Strength Exercises

    Warm-up stretches are the foundation of flexibility and strength training and a base on which injury prevention depends. Stiff, inflexible tissues are much more likely to sustain an injury. But some people even overdo stretching–working at it too long or too hard–and injure themselves, all the while having only the best intentions. Stretching should not be a competitive sport.

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  • Body Check: Getting in Touch with Your Body

    A body check, a brief mental and physical evaluation of well being, involves being in touch with and aware of your body. Foremost, it is a mental awareness of your activity. For example, prolonged knee bending, called flexion, and twisting while bearing weight are known to be stressful to your knees.

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  • Benefits of a Back Brace

    If you have chronic back pain, it might be beneficial to you to wear a back brace. Orthopedic doctors usually prescribe the use of a back brace to immobilize the spine, protect the spine from injury, pain management or to encourage correct postural support.

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  • Promoting Knee Conditioning and Injury Prevention

    Gary Yanker in his Complete Book of Exercise Walking tells of a personal experience that taught him the value of stretching before walking. While on a long-distance walk that lasted several weeks, Yanker determined that he wanted to increase his distance from twenty-five to thirty miles per day.

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  • Common Soccer Player Knee Injuries

    Soccer is sport where the player is constantly changing directions and stopping suddenly. These types of motions can be very jarring to the knee joint which can result in numerous common knee injuries. The injuries can be minor where ice and physical therapy would help or severe enough to require surgery.

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  • Why Do We Walk Upright?

    The question of when hominoids began to walk on two limbs rather than four is being defined by new fossil discoveries by anthropologists, but the question of why humans became bipedal may be more difficult to answer.

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  • The Physiology of Walking

    The physiology of walking is a complex combination of muscles and bones that requires demanding coordination. The knees′ main actions are bending (flexion) and extension, and both are intrinsic to walking.

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  • Evolution of the Human Knee

    Three hundred twenty million years ago there lived Eryops, an amphibian with a long mouse-like nose, a short bulky body, and a thick but tapering lizard-like tail, which is thought to be the common ancestor of not only today′s reptiles but also modern birds and mammals.

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