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  • The Jurassic Knee

    The first change occurred 180 million years ago during the Jurassic Period, when the femur angled in toward the mid line and brought the knee′s orientation to the front. With this change, walking became more efficient. The next event occurred in the Cretaceous period, during the time of the emergence of the earliest mammals (protomammals).

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  • Easy Ways to Treat a Twisted Knee

    Treating a mildly twisted knee at home is relatively easy. However, medical attention should be sought immediately if you cannot put weight on your injured leg.

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  • Seven Tips to Keep Your Spine Healthy

    Having a healthy spine is important for your overall health. Read below for some tips for a healthy spine. You will be less likely to experience back pain which can sometimes hinder your mobility and quality of life.

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  • Causes of Knee Pain Symptoms

    Knee pain symptoms are your first clue that something is wrong and you should get checked out by a doctor. The symptoms can lead to something that is mild or severe enough to need surgery.

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  • Sciatic Nerve Stretches That May Help Reduce Pain

    Your sciatic nerve begins in your lower back and runs down the length of both of your legs. If this nerve becomes damaged, irritated, or pinched, it may cause considerable lower back and leg pain. Sciatic nerve stretches are effective ways strengthening muscles which may help reduce pain.

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  • Are Your Bad Habits Hurting Your Knees?

    Knee DamageYour everyday life most likely includes bad habits that hurt your knees which could lead to chronic pain or disability. The knee joint is one of the hardest working joints in your body. It is made to support your weight and give you mobility.

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  • Neck Pain May Go To Your Head – Literally

    It is common to have a headache and neck pain at the same time, and there is a good chance that the two are related. Nerve fibers allow you to feel pain, and most headaches are associated with input from nerve fibers in your scalp. They are connected to many parts of your body including your neck muscles. A headache can be caused by a problem in your neck which stimulates a nerve leading to your scalp.

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  • Four Basic Knee Exercises After Surgery

    Knee ExercisesDoing knee exercises after having knee replacement surgery is critical for a full recovery. The exercises will help patients regain mobility and strength. It will also help the muscles in the area to get stronger and prevent stiffness in the new joint.

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  • Learn the Anatomy of the Knee

    Viewing an image of the anatomy of the knee is an easy way to understand that the knee is one of the most complex and largest joints in the body. It is made to hold the weight of an individual′s body while providing fluid movement.

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  • Dancing Is Excellent Exercise For People Who Suffer With Osteoarthritis

    Dancing is fun, flexible, and the perfect workout in disguise for people suffering with osteoarthritis. It is a full-body workout that will help you lose excess weight, improve muscle tone and joint mobility, increase endurance, and strengthen bones.

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